I believe

I believe
that I am broken.
that all the other humans are broken too.
that this makes it tough for humans to coexist.
that I can be made whole.
that we can be made whole.
that I can all experience true joy in life.
that we can experience even more joy when we tie our lives to other people.
that deep injustice and pain are hallmarks of being human.
that I have questions that cannot be answered.

that there are things I care deeply about that I cannot control.

that chasing after achievement bottoms out pretty quickly.
that I am not alone.
that I am deeply loved no matter what I’ve done or will do.
that ultimate significance, worth, and approval are mine, unconditionally.
that I have a unique purpose and plan for my life.
that you do too.
that people who are hurting will be helped by you and me living out our unique purpose.
that some of you will leave after two sentences from now.
that some of you will have deep hurt that I can’t relate to around people who associated themselves with the person in the next sentence. It’s happened to me too.
that Jesus unlocks true life and fulfillment.
that many people who call themselves Christians have missed Jesus’ message 100%. I know this is true, because I lived like this for 25 years.
that he loves me so deeply and only wants me in spite of all of this.
that he loves you the same.
that he is ridiculously excited to spend time with us and show us what it really means to have true life.
that he loves us no matter what we’ve done, are doing, and will do that is wrong. To the worst degree.
that there is more.
there is more.