A Swing, a Miss and a Cheer?

Last year, I swung the bat hard and missed the ball.

I struck out. So many times.

And it was the playoffs. And it was the bottom of the ninth in game seven and I needed my bat to connect with the ball.

At least it felt like everything was on the line.

This could have been really tough.

You see, I spent my entire life trying to hit the ball.

Not just hit the ball. I swung for the fences with every pitch. I needed to hit a home run.

Because if I didn’t hit a home run, who would love me?

If I couldn’t knock it out of the park, who could I impress?

If I couldn’t impress someone, how could I be worthy of acceptance?

Let alone love.


*Big exhale*

This was tough.

But something changed last year.

Actually, it’s probably been in process for much longer than a year, but last year was special.

It was a hard year. But it was incredible too.

Jesus showed me how much he loves me. There is nothing more or less I could do to earn this love. And it’s incredible.

And after a lifetime of trying to hit home runs to be able to get even a nod of approval from a few people in a sea of people I’ve never met, something changed.

I struck out big time last year, and everyone in the crowd cheered.

You see, the crowd changed.

It wasn’t even a crowd any more. It was a small group of the people who mattered most to me.

My inner circle has been cheering me on my whole life and has never stopped. Every time I came up to bat, they cheered. Every time I swung, they cheered. And every time I missed they stood up and applauded.

Aren’t love and grace so beautiful? And just so incredibly hard to wrap your mind around?

I can’t tell you how incredible it is to have a group of people cheering me on in pursuing risks that come with me pursuing the fulfillment of the purpose I have to accomplish on this earth.

I spent so many years feeling alone. I felt like I didn’t have a friend.

I found a deep well of unconditional love that never runs dry. And I have found my people.

Who are you swinging the bat for? Are they applauding you regardless of the result?


8 thoughts on “A Swing, a Miss and a Cheer?

  1. I think I have moved from coaching first to third base. I still think your average is over 300. It’s no longer about the number of home runs, but the runs batted in the counts. Great read, keep it up.

  2. What an amazing gift! It kinda makes you feel invincible doesn’t it? That no matter what you do, God & your people will be there for you.
    I love this Seth! Keep it up brother!

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